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Customer Services

Providing the service you deserve!

You can tell a lot about a company’s commitment to customer service by the way they answer the phone during business hours. If your call is taken by an automated attendant offering an endless string of options and messages, you may experience frustration. The recorded messages may say that your call is important, but is that how you feel?

At Pedersen’s, during business hours, your call will always be answered by a person ready to assist you. This personal touch is a reflection of the level of service you will receive from every department

Among our staff, two employees have worked at Pedersen’s for more than 30 years, three for more than 20 years, seven for more than 10 years, four for more than 5 years. We hope these numbers suggest that you can expect to be well served by all of us at Pedersen’s.

Your Order

In most furniture stores, your order is created and electronically entered by the salesperson assisting you. In this scenario, only one person is responsible for accurately processing and tracking your order. At Pedersen’s your custom order is attended to by an entire team.

Getting Your Order Started

Your salesperson will hand-write your orders and immediately submit them to the business office for review. Your order will be checked for accuracy of calculations, promotions, delivery charges and sales tax rates. Once reviewed, your order will be returned to you for signature and payment.

If you have any questions concerning your deposit, your C.O.D. balance, the business office is here to answer your questions.

Donna Katen, office manager at Pedersen's Furniture in Santa Rosa, CA
Donna Katen - Business Office Manager

Getting Your Custom Order Placed

If your order is going to be custom made, we have a step-by-step order entry process that enables us to get your custom order right. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. When the orders arrive in the order entry office, it will be checked for correct specification of details such as model number, fabric, finish, trims, cushions, and size, before we submit the order to the manufacturer.
  2. We also research product availability to confirm that you will receive your order within the time you were promised.
  3. When we receive the factory or manufacturer’s order acknowledgements we review and compare those documents to our purchase orders as soon as we receive them. We identify and quickly correct any errors before your order goes into production.

This detailed process has earned us the respect of the manufacturers we work with. They love us and go above and beyond for us in ways they will not for many of their dealers. Consequently, we are able to get your order right the first time and have it shipped to our store on time.

Linda Strout, merchandise manager at Pedersen's Furniture
Linda Strout - Merchandise Office Manager

Getting Your Custom Order On Time

We also have a system in place for custom order tracking to ensure your merchandise comes in on time. In fact, Paul Pedersen personally reviews the progress of every Custom Order, every week.

Here is what you can expect from our team for this part of the ordering process:

  1. Once you have placed an order, we compare the delivery dates we have promised you to the estimated ship dates received from the factory or factories.
  2. Next, we identify any potential delays. Paul will first try to work with the factory to adjust the ship date so we can keep our promise to you.
  3. If an order you have placed has an unanticipated delay, we will contact you immediately to offer a variety of options. Depending on the circumstance, you may choose to wait for the item as ordered, or make a reselection of fabric or the item itself in order to obtain a quicker delivery.

Paul Pedersen and our team will do their best to keep the promise we make to you and we will keep you informed throughout the ordering process.

Paul Pedersen, owner at Pedersen's Furniture in Santa Rosa, CA
Paul Pedersen - Owner

Your Furniture

Whether it was a custom order or something you have chosen from our showroom, your furniture will receive the following deluxing services prior to your pick up or delivery.

Deluxing Service

Wood Furniture

  • Wood furniture is cleaned and polished
  • Hardware is installed
  • Nylon glides are attached to the bottom of the item to protect your floor and to make moving the piece easier
  • Items requiring assembly are put together to verify that all components have arrived and fit together properly

Upholstered Furniture

  • Upholstered furniture is inspected for proper tailoring
  • Loose threads are trimmed
  • Pillows are plumped
  • Skirts are steamed
  • Nylon glides are attached to the bottom of the legs to protect your floor and to make moving the piece easier.
Jim Navas handles the Deluxing process of your new furniture at Pedersen's
Aaron Navas - Warehouse Staff

After Delivery or Pick-Up Service

Our job is not finished until you are completely satisfied with the furniture and service you receive from Pedersen’s. If you have any concerns while our drivers are at your home, they will write a service report.

If you have a concern after delivery, call us and we will open a service report for you.

Our Customer Service Representative, Denise Michel, who initially worked for Pedersen’s as an interior designer, is an excellent problem solver.  Her product knowledge and relationships with our suppliers give her all of the tools she needs to give you great service.

Denise will contact you as soon as possible, at the most, within a few days of your call, to discuss your concern and if necessary, schedule a service appointment.

Service Calls are made by our Customer Service Manager, Jim Navas.  Jim has worked at Pedersen’s for over 22 years.  Jim’s technical skills and can do attitude generally lead to quick solutions to most concerns.

Our business is furnishing homes. Our mission is serving our customers. We look forward to answering your phone call and to welcoming you in our doors.

Denise Michel Osborne is your customer service expert at Pedersen's Furniture in Santa Rosa, CA
Jim Navas , Operations Manager at Pedersen's Furniture in Santa Rosa, CA.
Jim Navas - Operations Manager


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