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Dear Our Community,

It is with significant “mixed feelings” that we are writing to tell you that we will be closing our doors on February 28, 2019.
Over the past 126 years our mission at Pedersen’s Furniture Company has been to assist our customers in furnishing their homes with products and service that offer genuine value. We trust that our loyal customers have found that we have succeeded in our mission.

In recent years, Pedersen’s Furniture has been owned and operated by brothers, Ken and Paul Pedersen. Together, with our team of tenured, loyal managers and staff we have worked hard to maintain the standards established by our founder J.C. Pedersen. In the Spring of 2017, because of the age of the family ownership group and the complicated nature of the property ownership, the Pedersen family made the decision to sell the property on Fifth and Orchard Streets where the store and warehouse are located. The property sale was completed on October 6th of 2017. The sale included a lease back option extending through March of 2019.

When the Pedersen family reached the decision last year to sell the company property we, of course, did not foresee the transformational effect that the October fires would have on Sonoma County and the impact the fires would have on the lives and needs of many of our customers. In the days following the fires, we strove to fulfill those needs with a sympathetic ear and expedited deliveries. The resilience and determination of those that walked through our doors in those first days was truly humbling.

Our ages as owners, as well as the ages and desires of many of our key managers, and the significant challenges of relocating Pedersen’s Furniture at this time in Sonoma County have brought us to the decision to close the business.

We are committed to concluding operations in the manner we have conducted our business for so many years. Every order will be delivered, every vendor and supplier will be paid and we will do our best for our employees who have been such a vital part of our success. Pedersen’s Furniture Company continues to be financially solvent, profitable and debt free.

Our plan is to continue to accept custom orders through September 30th. From October on, we will order stock and sell from our inventory. We do not plan to use an outside liquidation company. Rather, we are choosing to manage this closing process ourselves in partnership with our valued suppliers-in the “Pedersen’s Way”.

Thank you for your patronage over the years. We wish you all the best going forward.


Paul Pedersen

Ken Pedersen


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