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Passing the Test of Time...

Guided by the changing needs and shopping habits of our customers over the past 126 years, Pedersen’s furniture business has reinvented itself over and over again in order to remain a reliable resource for home furnishings. Along the way, undertaking services and the sale of appliances, electronics and floor coverings have been shed as we focused on furniture sales and design service. Responding to the shift in wood furniture manufacturing from North Carolina to off shore factories, we have refined our services and showroom displays to offer a unique shopping experience for those who appreciate quality and exceptional service. Below you will find a brief history of this journey, demonstrating how we have passed the test of time.

J.C. Pedersen founded Pedersen's Furniture in 1892.


Pedersen’s Furniture Opens In Santa Rosa

It all started in 1892 when J.C. Pedersen, a Danish Immigrant and cabinet maker moved his family from Del Rapids South Dakota to Santa Rosa and opened his first store at the corner of 4th and A Streets. Furniture and Undertaking Supplies were sold at this location until 1906.

The year was 1892 when Pedersen's Furniture opens in Santa Rosa


A Tradition Of Customer Service Begins

This is how the brick building appeared circa 1892 in Santa Rosa. Deliveries were conducted by horse-drawn wagon.

1906 earthquake destroys Pedersen's Furniture buidling in Santa Rosa, CA.


The Big Quake

The store, a brick building, collapsed in the 1906 earthquake. All the inventory, except a few rolls of carpet, was destroyed.

Pedersen's Furniture after the 1906 quake.

Circa 1906

J.C. Keeps The Doors Open

J.C. operated the furniture business out of his home on 2nd Street until 1911.

Obert and Fred Sr. join Pedersen's Furniture


Family Comes Aboard

In 1910, his sons, Obert and Fred joined the business. J.C. continued working in the business with his sons until 1930.

Interior photo of Pedersen's store taken circa 1925


A New Store

In 1911, they opened a new store at 635 4th Street, the current locations of Corrick’s. This interior photo was taken around 1925.

William and Fred Jr join Pedersen's Furniture in 1946


Additional Family Members Join

In 1949, Obert’s son, William, and Fred’s son, Fred Jr. joined the business.

Pedersen's Furniture opens new store in 1911


Lease Expires

The lease on this building was about to expire and the business began making plans to relocate.

Codding Construction and Pedersen in 1953


Codding Delivers

Codding Construction completed the new store and Pedersen’s moved to its present location on May 4, 1953 at the intersection of 5th and D Streets.

A new home for Pedersen's Furniture in 1953


New Home for Pedersen’s

The new store opened with eleven employees and four family members. In addition to furniture, other department included appliances, mattresses, window coverings and floor coverings. Trade-ins were accepted and offered for sale in the “Used” department. Shortly after the move into the new store, Fred and Obert Pedersen retired and Fred Jr and William would run the business with two off site warehouses for the next 20 years.

Pedersen's Furniture during the 1950's


Room Setting

Typical Room setting in the new store’s showroom.

Pedersen's offsite warehouse used during the 1950's in Santa Rosa.



First showroom in the new store.

TVs and stereos were popular during the 1970's at Pedersen's Furniture in Santa Rosa


Shifting Focus

During the 1950’s, 60’s and early 70’s, the appliance department was closed out.

Pedersen's Furniture circa 1970



After closing out appliances, a large percentage of sales came from televisions and stereos.

1970's saw a new generation of the Pedersen family come aboard.


A New Generation

During the 1970’s the 4th generation of the family began working in the business.

First floor showroom at Pedersen's Furniture is unveiled during the 1970's.


Floor Showroom

The first floor showroom in 1972. The original gray tile floor was covered with installed wall to wall carpet and dividers were added to create room settings in each of the display windows.

The first Pedersen Furniture warehouse was constructed in 1974.


Warehouse Construction

In 1974 a warehouse was constructed on Orchard Street adjacent to the store, putting the entire business in one location for the first time. Three generations of the Pedersen family review construction drawings with architect Larry Simons.

Pedersen's Furniture also received a new storefront in 1974


New Storefront

Along with the new warehouse, the store’s exterior was updated with a soffit, new signage, planters in front of each window and new trees along the curb. Inside the store the offices were relocated, a center staircase was added for easier access to the mezzanine and new upstairs showroom.

A Thomasville Gallery was installed at Pedersen's during the 1980's.


Thomasville Gallery

During the 1980’s Thomasville became Pedersen’s largest supplier. Thomasville wood and upholstered furniture was displayed in the newly installed Thomasville Gallery.

Pedersen's receive Customer Satisfaction Award


Customer Satisfaction

Paul Pedersen accepts the National Customer Satisfaction Award from Thomasville President, Fred Starr.

Pedersen's and Thomasville relationship ends in 1994


Parting Ways

In 1994 Thomasville demanded that Pedersen’s become a dedicated Thomasville store and sell only Thomasville products. Pedersen’s declined.

In 1995 Pedersen's Furniture becomes a Drexel Heritage store


Drexel Heritage

In January 1995 Pedersen’s became a Drexel Heritage Store with an assortment of complimentary products from other suppliers.

Pedersen's Furniture returns to its roots


Back To Our Roots

After ten years, three ownership changes and U.S factory closures at Drexel Heritage, Pedersen’s returned to its roots, changing the name back to Pedersen’s and closing out Drexel Heritage products.

Pedersen's Furniture offers a variety of quality furniture, mostly made in the USA.


125 Years!

Furniture from a selection of suppliers, mostly family owned and made in the United States are now available at Pedersen’s as we prepare to celebrate our 125th Anniversary.


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