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Small Space Design Ideas

How to make the most out of limited space.

William L Murphy, living with his wife in a one room apartment in San Francisco, found it difficult to entertain friend because his bed took up most of the floor space. He began experimenting with folding beds, and applied for his first patent around 1900. From necessity, the “Murphy Bed” was born, peaking in popularity in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

A Family Furniture Business

What Distinguishes Family Businesses?

Statistics indicate that just 3-5% of family businesses make it to the fourth generation. Paul and Ken are the fourth generation of the Pedersen family to own and operate their family’s business. The business was started by their great grandfather, J.C. Pedersen, a Danish immigrant, when he moved his family from Del Rapids South Dakota to Santa Rosa in 1892.

Buy American

Buy American, Buy Local

Is the mantra “Buy American, Buy Local” self serving marketing or a buying strategy that deserves your consideration? At Pedersen’s Furniture, we believe that there are many very good reasons why you should consider buying American made home furnishings from a local company.

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