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Our creative design team is always available to either help you with your purchase or to expertly guide you through an entire project. They understand that not every client’s needs will be the same and will give you as much assistance or as little as you like. View their portfolios, become inspired!

Katie Garman

Interior Designer

Katie Garman - Interior Designer at Pedersen's Furniture

My focus as a interior designer is on creating timeless spaces that are a stunning reflection of your personality…

Loralai Wester

Interior Designer

Lorali Wester is an interior designer at Pedersen's furniture.

The Art of Living Well begins at home. A beautifully designed interior can nurture, inspire, and simply add more joy…

Marci Arakaki

Interior Designer

Marci Arakaki - Interior designer at Pedersen's Furniture

My goal is to help you create the perfect living space that will reflect your personality and lifestyle! I approach…

Jeri Nilson

Interior Designer

Interior designer Jeri Nilson

My background in design stems from a lifelong love affair with architecture, nature and art. Whether you are…

Nicki Ullrich

Interior Designer

Nicki Ullrich - Interior Designer at Pedersen's Furniture

My goal is to assist you in creating the unique personality that you would like your home to reflect. We are all…

Mary Marson

Interior Designer

Mary Marson is an interior designer at Pedersen's Furniture in Santa Rosa, CA

We live in our house, but we relax in our home. A designer’s job is to create a space that is relaxing…

Amanda Edgar

Interior Designer

Amanda Edgar is an interior designer at Pedersen's Furniture

I am inspired by the love of color and architecture, the feel of fabrics, and even the smell of leather and wood…

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Interior Designer

Employment opportunities at Pedersen's Furniture

Will you be the next to join Pedersen’s talented team of Interior Designers? Find out if we are hiring…


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