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Table Pads

We have the perfect table pad to compliment and protect your new dining table

Dining tables can be subject to a lot of rough use by ways of spills, heat, and abrasions. Hot dishes, flatware, and utensils can take their toll on its beautiful finish leaving it damaged and looking worn out before it’s time. Table Pads allow you to safely use your dining table for many activities such as games, crafts, sewing and school projects.

Dining table pads have a rigid top surface and a soft under-surface. The felt table protector prevents abrasions. Since the pads are heat-insulating and waterproof, they do not conduct the effect of spills or hot objects to the table surface.

Dining table pads at Pedersen's Furniture

All our pads are custom made to fit each table exactly, whether your table is rectangular, round, oval or any other shape. With our broad color selection you can choose from 18 colors for the washable vinyl top, and 6 colors for the suede bottom material. We are committed to making the ordering process as clear and stress-free for our customers as possible. Each order is individually handled to insure that your pads arrive with the correct fit and specifications.

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The table pads we offer can be viewed by selecting from the desired brands presented below.


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