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Written by Ken Pedersen

From the earliest days of our country, furniture manufacturing has a rich history in the United States. Family owned factories with names like Broyhill, Bassett, Stanley, Hooker, and Lane, sprung up in the northeast, southeast and the Great Lakes region. Blending and copying European styling, these companies drew on the local supplies of Oak, Pine, Cherry and Maple to produce furniture for our rapidly growing country. Thousands of jobs were created as these companies competed to outperform each other in terms of quality, design and service to their retail dealers and consumers.

At Pedersen’s Furniture we have our own rich history, over 125 years, in the home furnishings industry. At some time throughout our history, we have been retail partners, with all of these family owned furniture manufacturers.

Today, most of these companies are no longer family owned and no longer manufacture their wood furniture products in the United States. Ownership changes and off shore production in most cases, has compromised both quality and service levels from many of our old manufacturing partners.

We have always based our buying decisions on our supplier’s ability to provide us with products that meet our customer’s quality and service expectation.

Furniture crafted in the USA available at Pedersen's Furniture

To maintain our standards for our customers, we have made a deliberate effort to build relationships with furniture manufacturers that are still family owned and still manufacturing in the United States. These are companies with unique products, efficiently manufactured from superior materials to make them very competitive with imports. They have invested heavily in the latest technology in order to offer many options at affordable prices and deliver them to you in a timely manner.

The benefits to our customers include more options on special orders, better design, higher quality, faster delivery and readily available repair parts if needed. American furniture manufacturers Stickley, Flexsteel, Nichols & Stone, Century, Stuart David and many others offer you great value and quality control, while keeping your dollars and jobs at home.

Wood joinery examples used in American Craftsman furniture


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