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Dovetail Sideboard at Pedersen's Furniture

Dovetail Sideboard

Office Manager Donna Katen

Brand Dovetail

Model Sideboard – NE408

“I have this piece in my tiny kitchen. It provides me with an enormous amount of space and I can see what is inside through the glass. I love the rubbed through painted look.”

Staff Writter, Donna Katen

About Staff Writter, Donna Katen

It was 1998 when I picked up the phone and my sister-in-law Deborah, at the time a designer for Pedersen’s, informed me of an open position for a part-time receptionist. Having not worked for five years while starting a family and also with a background in floristry, I was not confident there would be a fit. I interviewed, was hired, and began my training at Pedersen’s.


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