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Price Guarantee

To insure that you will always pay the lowest price available for all of the items you purchase, we offer a Low Price Guaranty.
Pedersen’s will match the verified price of any identical item found at a lower price in our store or in any other store in Northern California, from the date of purchase through 30 days after delivery.
In fairness to all of our customers, we are a one price store. We do not negotiate. You can shop with the confidence of knowing that you will pay the same price as anyone else for a particular item. You can concentrate on creating a comfortable home when shopping in our store – knowing that you have price protection.

Your Service and Warranty

Limited Warranty

Q: What is covered by Pedersen’s warranty?
A: Every item Pedersen’s sells is warranted against defects in material or workmanship.

Q: What is the length of time of warranty?
A: Pedersen’s warranty period is 12 months from date of delivery.  Certain manufacturers’ warranties may extend beyond this period.

Q:  To whom is the warranty extended?
A:  Original purchaser or person to whom original delivery was made.

Q:  What can I expect from Pedersen’s?
A:  An item under warranty will be repaired or replaced at Pederesen’s option, without charge.  Any applicable service charges not covered by warranty will be discussed with you in advance. Pederesen’s reserves the right to remove a defective item from your home for a reasonable period of time to make necessary repairs in our workshop or for return to the manufacturer. In cases where Pedersen’s determines a warranted item is defective and can neither repair nor replace it, the obligation of Pedersen’s will be limited to the return of the item for full credit.

Q:  What about an item delivered damaged?
A:  You retain the right to refuse to accept an item in damaged condition.  A report must be made to our drivers or to Pedersen’s customer service department within five days.

Q:  Where will service be performed?
A:  Once you have made a service request, our customer service manager will contact you within a few days and arrange for service in your home or for pickup and repair in our shop.  You may find it most convenient to bring small items to us for service.  Our goal is to minimize your inconvenience.

Warranty exceptions and limitations

Pedersen’s in NOT RESPONSIBLE under the terms of our warranty for the following.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

  1. Upholstery fabrics: Most fabrics carry no warranty as to wear-ability and color fastness.
  2. As is” items: Pedersen’s has no obligation to service items sold “as is.”
  3. Customer abuse: Pedersen’s warranty is not valid if merchandise has been abused or repaired by the customer.
  4. Customer’s delivery: Pedersen’s is not responsible for damage to an item picked up at Pedersen’s by you. Neither is it responsible for the repair of an item that has been moved from one residence to another by you.
  5. Consequential damage: Pedersen’s cannot be responsible for “consequential damage,” (i.e., injury caused by the broken leg of a chair of loss of use of a mattress while it is being repaired).

NOTE: This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


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